Computer Sciences and Engineering (CSE)


The new CSE Learning Space offers a new approach to both collaborative and traditional teaching. The new space offers two rooms: CSE E235 (open area) and CSE E231 (Testing and Active Learning Center). The TAL Center is available for reservation by up to two classes, lectures, seminars, or exams at once.

Open Area – E235

CSE E235 offers study space, power outlets, and printing services. Staffed by a Technology Consultant, black and white, color, and large-scale poster printing are available.

Testing and Active Learning Center – E231

The Testing & Active Learning (TAL) Center is the latest sign of the University of Florida’s continuing commitment to transforming campus learning spaces. The 126-seat facility is already popular with students and instructors, owing to its unique blend of space, furnishings, and technology.

The TAL offers the following:

  • 126 PCs arranged in 14 computer pods, available for active learning pedagogy and testing
  • Portable dividers enable the space to be separated into two areas, so different exams may be proctored, computers can be used by walk-ins along with a class being held, or two lectures may be held simultaneously.
  • 10 large displays and 4 projectors – one screen for each pod to allow for students to easily follow along with presentations, or they can display their own screen for the group to view.
  • This room can be reserved for classroom instruction and testing