Getting There

Currently there are 2 major UF construction projects that may block normal access; during this time the only path is the east side ramp leading from within the Architecture building going to Inner Road.  The below map markup should be helpful; signage was also placed.


Located across from Broward Dining Center, this location has dedicated Wacom tablets perfect for both coursework and building your skills. All our Wacom workstations also have added graphics cards to help you with your large rendering projects.

Offering two classrooms and unique computing and printing hardware, the Architecture learning space is a valuable resource for students both in and out of the College of Design, Construction, and Planning.

The space is staffed with technology consultants who are available to assist users with printing and general computer usage. The space includes iMacs, Wacom tablets, grey-scale and color printing, as well as large-scale poster printing, spread across three multi-use rooms.

Architecture Open Area and Classrooms

118 Open Area

This space is outfitted with 4 iMacs, 16 Wacom equipped and graphics card enhanced PCs, and color scanners. This is also the room where you can find black and white printers, a color printer, and large-scale plotter printers.

116 Classroom

This space is outfitted with 32 graphics card enhanced PCs with Wacom tablet monitors, drafting desks, and multiple 11×17 color scanners. The instructor podium includes a PC with Wacom and Huion pen displays, a ceiling-mounted LCD projector, document camera, and laptop A/V hookups.
This space is available for reservation.

120 Classroom

This space is outfitted with 26 iMacs. The instructor podium includes an iMac, Huion pen display, a ceiling-mounted LCD projector, laptop A/V hookups, and a desk mounted document camera.
This space is available for reservation.