Located across from Broward Dining Center, this is Academic Technology’s 24/7 computing space. Offering two classrooms and unique computing and printing hardware, the Architecture learning space is a valuable resource for students both in and out of the College of Design, Construction and Planning.

Normally, the learning space is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The space is staffed with technology consultants who are available to assist users with printing and general computer usage. The space includes iMacs, Wacom tablet monitors attached to PCs, grey-scale and color printing, as well as large-scale poster printing, spread across three multi-use rooms.

Architecture Open Area and Classrooms

118 Open Area

This space is outfitted with 4 iMacs, 16 Wacom equipped PCs, and color scanners. This is also the room where you can find black and white printers, a color printer, and large-scale plotter printers.

116 Classroom

This space is outfitted with 32 PCs with Wacom tablet monitors, drafting desks, and multiple 11×17 color scanners. The instructor podium includes a PC with Wacom and Huion pen displays, a ceiling-mounted LCD projector, document camera, and laptop A/V hookups.
This space is available for reservation.

120 Classroom

This space is outfitted with 26 iMacs. The instructor podium includes an iMac, Huion pen display, a ceiling-mounted LCD projector, laptop A/V hookups, and a desk mounted document camera.
This space is available for reservation.