Application Window Closed.

Applications are generally open halfway through Spring, Summer C, and Fall semesters.

Contact AT Learning Spaces Supervisors with any questions:

(352) 392-8510 | at-supervisor-l@lists.ufl.edu

Technology Consultant Job Description:

  1. Helping users with minor hardware and software difficulties using Academic Technology resources.
  2. Maintaining and enforcing the class reservation system and preparing the classrooms for reserved classes.
  3. Enforcing AT Learning Spaces policies, lab security policies, monitoring user activities, and reporting problems.
  4. Maintaining a positive working environment, keeping excessive noise in the learning space to a minimum, keeping the learning space work areas neat and free of trash and excessive paper.
  5. Changing paper and toner as needed.
  6. Following AT Learning Spaces policies and procedures.
  7. Reporting problems accurately.
  8. Diligently studying training materials.

Technology Consultant Job Qualifications:

  1. Work experience: Must have held a job before or been involved in an activity which required some degree of responsibility. References should be available. Experience working with the public is helpful.
  2. Software requirements: Experience with Windows and a word processing package, preferably Microsoft Word. Knowledge of a spreadsheet package and some programming experience are helpful but not required.
  3. Computer requirements: At least some experience working on a PC or Macintosh through school, work, and/or home computer use.
  4. Time requirements: Ability to work a minimum of ten (10) hours per week for a minimum of two (2) semesters. 

Promotional Opportunities:

Technology Consultants may pursue two promotional paths. After working with AT Learning Spaces for at least six months, they may apply to work as a Training Specialist, tasked with training new and current employees and conducting employee evaluations. After working with AT Learning Spaces for at least a year, Technology Consultants may apply to be an Operations Supervisor. Training Specialists may also apply for a supervisory position.