TC of the Month

The Technology Consultant of the Month Program

Each month, the supervisory staff selects one Technology Consultant to be the TC of the Month. The TC of the Month is an employee with excellent evaluation scores, who goes above and beyond in their position, and is a constant asset to Academic Technology.

If you have feedback about a Technology Consultant, please Contact Us.

TCs of the Month

May 2019: Elizabeth Heidrich

April 2019: Aldrin Gaffud

March 2019: Kasia Weich

February 2019: Elvira Oviedo

January 2019: Rav DeRocco

December 2018: Natalie Brown

November 2018: Hana Cicevic

October 2018: Jennifer Jordan

September 2018: Sara Jamhour

August 2018: Mika Irikawa

July 2018: Alice Hou

June 2018: Samira Ahmed

May 2018: Taylor Atkins

April 2018: Sheila Corzo

March 2018: Catherine Dos Santos

February 2018: Gaby Diaz

January 2018: Julian Fandino

December 2017: Adrian Cibran

November 2017: Brittani Trimble

October 2017: Rodney Wallace

September 2017: Hannah Hancock

August 2017: Jacob D’Antoni

July 2017: Jordyn Goldklank

June 2017: Cymri Mellen-Jones

“Cymri has excellent customer service skills and is always encouraging and helpful to their fellow TC’s. They’re always working hard to keep the lab tidy and clean. Academic Technology thanks Cymri for their hard work.”

May 2017: David Anderson

“David consistently excellent customer service and is always helpful and approachable with users. He does a great job at maintaining the lab during each of his shifts. Academic Technology thanks David for his hard work.”

April 2017: Tom Guarnery

“Tom has top notch customer service and always keeps the labs clean.
Academic Technology thanks Tom for his hard work.”

March 2017: Carlos Thomas

“Carlos is always friendly and approachable and provides excellent customer service in the labs. He goes above and beyond with lab monitoring and maintenance. . Academic Technology thanks Carlos for his hard work.”

February 2017: Christian Grebla

“Christian always has a friendly attitude and is great with helping users and working with his fellow TC’s. Academic Technology thanks Christian for his hard work.”

January 2017: Marry Vuong

“Marry’s reliability and customer service are always top notch and Academic Technology thanks her for being such a hardworking employee.”

December 2016: Nadia Fernandez

“Nadia provides consistently great customer service and is always helpful and cooperative with other TC’s and users in the lab. Academic Technology thanks Nadia for her hard work.”

November 2016: Eran del Castillo

“Eran has provided extraordinary customer service to lab users, always greeting everyone with a smile. She is also great at monitoring the labs and making sure they are clean and tidy for users. Academic Technology thanks Kristen for her hard work.”

October 2016: Aya Irikawa

“Aya has been working hard to keep the labs clean, preparing the labs for classrooms, monitoring the labs vigilantly, and providing excellent customer service to users. Academic Technology thanks Kristen for her hard work.”

September 2016: Kristen Michie

“Kristen has worked hard to keep the labs clean, monitoring the labs often, has has repeatedly provided excellent customer service to users. Academic Technology thanks Kristen for her hard work.”

August 2016: Annie Pulliam

“Annie has consistently demonstrated excellent customer service skills, always going above and behind to help users. When users need assistance, she guides them through the solutions, enabling the users to better handle future issues. She’s worked hard to help keep the lab areas clean and presentable. Academic Technology thanks Annie for her hard work.”

July 2016: Jinhee “Jenny” So

“Jenny is always kind and eager to help users in the labs, even when the lab is very busy. She also maintains and tidies the lab even when it is slow, and frequently staffs break and intersession weeks. Jenny is extremely reliable and an excellent employee; we were glad to have her and are sad to see her leave us for a new position.”

June 2016: Avi Naiditch

“Avi consistently receives the highest customer service scores in our TC Evaluation program. No matter who walks into the lab, Avi greets them with a smile. He strives to make students, staff, and faculty alike feel welcome in our spaces, and we are proud that he works for Academic Technology.”

May 2016: Charles “CJ” Benson

“CJ has always been a smiling face in the labs, where he gladly helps users and coworkers alike. He has served as a role model Technology Consultant for over two years. We are very proud CJ works for Academic Technology.”

April 2016: Isabel “Izzy” Won

“Isabel consistently provides friendly and professional service to lab users. She is also very resourceful and empathetic when tackling user and lab problems. She is a team player and not only works well with her coworkers, but treats them with the same kindness and respect she gives lab users.”

March 2016: Mason Ip

“Mason is always more than happy to work with users to solve their problems in a helpful and professional manner. He is always a friendly face in the computer labs, keeping the labs clean while being respectful to his coworkers and our users.”

February 2016: Cami Cupples

“Cami is extremely welcoming to all users that enter the lab and works well with her coworkers and external staff to solve lab problems. This reflects well on Academic Technology and we are very proud that she is one of our employees.”

January 2016: Daniel Gallagher

“Danny always has an upbeat, positive attitude while at work. This attitude allows him to provide excellent customer service as well as be a helpful coworker. Danny always puts a smile on our faces and provides a welcoming atmosphere in the labs. We appreciate all of his hard work.”

December 2015: Victoria Shew

“Victoria consistently provides good customer service, even very early in the morning. She also works very well with her coworkers and collaborates with them to solve lab issues. In addition, she is constantly on the look out for ways to make each lab run more smoothly. We are extremely grateful for her dedication to the job.”

November 2016: Shane Mullegama

“Shane continually gives excellent customer service, even through stressful, demanding situations. He also shows initiative by going above and beyond in his job duties. We are extremely grateful for his tireless smile and good attitude.”

October 2015: Calvin Lu

“Calvin Lu has shown excellent customer service, initiative, and a positive attitude throughout the month of October. We are extremely grateful for his outstanding job performance and responsibility while on duty with Academic Technology.”

September 2015: Jessica Diaz

“We are extremely grateful for Jessica’s outstanding job performance and responsibility while on duty with Academic Technology. She has shown her willingness to help others wherever the need is required, and she continues to demonstrate a positive attitude along with professionalism.”

August 2015: Sanjeev Gaddam

July 2015: Jessica Campbell

June 2015: Matthew Vetterick

“Matthew went above and beyond the call of duty for the month of June, especially in regards to his customer service.”