Employment with AT Labs

Application Window Closed

Applications are generally open halfway through Spring, Summer C, and Fall semesters.

Contact AT Labs Supervisors with any questions:

(352) 392-8510 | at-supervisor-l@lists.ufl.edu

Technology Consultant Job Description:

  • Helping users with minor hardware and software difficulties using Academic Technology resources.
  • Maintaining and enforcing the class reservation system and preparing the classrooms for reserved classes.
  • Enforcing AT lab policies, lab security policies, monitoring user activities, and reporting problems.
  • Maintaining a positive working environment, keeping excessive noise in the lab to a minimum, keeping the lab work areas neat and free of trash and excessive paper.
  • Changing paper and toner as needed.
  • Following AT Lab policies and procedures.
  • Reporting problems accurately.
  • Diligently studying training materials.

Technology Consultant Job Qualifications:

  • Work experience: Must have held a job before or been involved in an activity which required some degree of responsibility. References should be available. Experience working with the public is helpful.
  • Software requirements: Experience with Windows and a word processing package, preferably Microsoft Word. Knowledge of a spreadsheet package and some programming experience are helpful but not required.
  • Computer requirements: At least some experience working on a PC or Macintosh through school, work, and/or home computer use.
  • Time requirements:¬†Ability to work a minimum of ten (10) hours per week for a minimum of two (2) semesters.¬†

Promotional Opportunities:

Technology Consultants may pursue two promotional paths. After working with AT Labs for at least six months, they may apply to work as a Training Specialist, tasked with training new and current employees and conducting employee evaluations. After working with AT Labs for at least a year, Technology Consultants may apply to be an Operations Supervisor. Training Specialists may also apply for a supervisory position.